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Bangle Bangle is the Style You Want

The Bangle Bangle collection is bringing back the dramatic flair of bangle bracelets that hasn’t been seen in quite a while and quite certainly not with such distinctive style. The large, brilliantly colored bangles have become the perfect accessory without being the most expensive. These bangles are detailed in the traditional style of Indian jewelry but have a modern feel that makes them capable of being worn every day. They are sleeker than and not as heavy as traditional Indian jewelry. The jewels inlayed in the colorful enameled bracelet create their own design whether of flowers or simply a beautiful pattern. The intricate detail of each bracelet in the Bangle Bangle collection makes them the most desired accessory on the market today.

Discover the Beauty of Indian Jewelry

Indian jewelry has been a desirable accessory for many fashion experts for decades. The intricate detail that is stunning in the jewelry is a standard feature that almost always seems to tell the story of the piece. The elaborate details are done with filigree and granulation. The pieces are usually dramatic in their use of bold colors. This style of jewelry stems from the tradition of Indian jewelry establishing who was nobility or royalty for the men of the country. The more detailed and elaborate the jewelry, the higher the status a man held. Bangles and arm bracelets are a large part of the Indian culture. Often the use of stones was not desired or needed with all the other detail; however, jewels do find themselves in many Indian necklaces.

Limitless Style with Bangle Bangle

Bangle bangle provides jewelry lovers with over a dozen lines and styles to choose from. Whether daily or casual wear is required, whether a formal and glitzy look is needed, Bangle Bangle will have something to offer. 

Bangle is a traditional term for a rigid bracelet, not one made of loose or chain like materials, and Bangle Bangle is a line of well-made bangle style bracelets. With materials ranging from resin and wood to metals and semi-precious stone, every style or taste will have a nice variety of jewelry from which to choose. 

Some of the styles crafted in the Bangle Bangle line are reproductions of traditional or classic jewelry pieces, and some are sold in multiples that will click and clang soothingly to the ear of the wearer. There are also a nice variety of cuff style bangles available in various materials such as enamel, beads and even filigree.

The Quality of Indian Jewelry

Indian jewelry has a long history associated with high quality techniques and precious materials. Much of the modern Indian jewelry produced is modeled on past periods in the history of the country, or on contemporary styles in Indian culture, such as the popular “Bollywood” film style.

Materials used in the making of Indian jewelry include gold and silver, which can be molded, hammered or made into intricate filigree designs. Pieces are also crafted from clay, wood, semi precious stones and beads, enamel and even resin. Stones can include costume, precious and semi precious stones, in simple or complicated arrangements and settings.

Indian jewelry offers a tremendous range of styles and design features and is available in all jewelry formats, which include earrings and necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and bangles, headpieces, and even hand bags and sandals. Regardless of the style and piece chosen, Indian jewelry guarantees a tradition of quality.

Bangle Bangle Jewelry Comes in a Wide Variety of Styles

Bangle Bangle jewelry is created to accent a woman's wrist. It is typically large sized and can come in a wide variety of styles. Jewelry of this type can be created in wood, rhinestone, enamel, resin, semi precious stone, threaded, and many other styles. When you place Bangle Bangle jewelry on your wrist, it will attract unique attention that other accessories, such as necklaces or earrings, will not obtain. Match jewelry of this type with your outfit and occasion. Wood jewelry is good for a casual look while rhinestone jewelry is good for going to a night club. Semi precious stones add an elegant touch to such jewelry and are good for the most special of occasions, such as weddings or a special date with a loved one.

Indian Jewelry is about Artistic Expression and Cultural Elegance

Indian jewelry is extremely exotic. It can be handcrafted in India and exported to various locations around the world or it can be recreated in non-Indian locations to resemble the look of authentic Indian jewels. Indian jewelry is characterized by fancy designs, semi precious stones, and silver and gold. Excellent examples of this type of jewelry are Bollywood earrings. They are large, elegant pieces that hang in long fancy strands and are excellent for both short hair and long haired females. Due to the size of these earrings, some are available as clip on only, while others are available in post, or post and clip. Indian ring jewelry is generally big and fanciful, as are the bracelets and hair accessories. Jewelry of this type is about artistic expression and cultural elegance.