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Choosing a Size for Your Bangles

What bangle size should I buy?

Most costume jewelry bangles you’ll find in a store are a size 8”. We offer three size options for our sized bangle sets, because we feel it is important to have the right fit. Remember that bangles don't have a closure, so you will need to fit them over your hand without opening them. If you have a bangle bracelet that fits you well, it is easy to measure the inner diameter and see which one of our sizes would work best for you. You can also measure around your hand to see which size will be best.

Size 6 (extra-small) = 62mm / 2.4" Inner Diameter

Size 7 (small) = 64mm / 2.5" Inner Diameter

Size 8 (medium) = 67mm / 2.6" Inner Diameter

If you don't see a size option, you don't need to choose a size. Please refer to the product description for exact measurements. 


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