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Amrita Singh


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Indo-American Arts Council, Inc.
The Indo-American Arts Council is a not-for-profit, secular service and resource arts organization that aims to promote and build awareness of Indian artistic disciplines in the United States.Those various activities and donation the organization sponsors artists’ activities in order to promote and build an interested, educated and cultured audience. Indo-American Arts Council also acts as a service and resource center while compiling directories of artists that come through their doors.

Although a more grassroots and smaller organization Amrita Singh believes the Indo-American Arts Council deserves ample support to continue to provide for its young and talented artists. We are honored to be one of the many sponsors for this organization. It is honorable to help an organization that aims to give 100% back to their artists. Amrita Singh will continue to donate pieces to raise money for this organization and looks forward to its growth and longevity.
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